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How to Choose a Colour For Your Stencilled Concrete

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If you're resurfacing an area of concrete around your home and using stencils to create a pattern, then you have a choice of colours. While you've already chosen your stencil design, you may not be so sure which colour to use yet.

Some concrete colours are bright and vibrant while others are more muted. Choosing the right colour matters. You may want to make a statement, but you don't want to create a concrete eyesore.

What colour should you choose for your concrete?

Stick With What You Have

If your main reason for resurfacing is to make old concrete look better, then sticking close to the original colour is an option. For example, if you're adding a stencilled coating to a driveway because the concrete looks a bit rough and worn, then you can simply choose a colour that closely matches your current one.

If your current concrete is grey, then you can use a grey coating. This doesn't have to be dull. Coatings have many different shades, so you can lighten your driveway up or darken it slightly if you want.

Match Your Decorative Effect

If you're using stencils to make the concrete look like it's made from a different material, then use the effect to help you choose a colour. For example, you may be keen to add a tiled design to the concrete.

So, if you like the look of terracotta tiles, you choose a stencil that makes the coating look like it is made from tiles. You then choose a shade of red that most closely resembles the terracotta look you're aiming for.

Think About Colour Effects

Adding colour to stencilled concrete affects the way your home looks. The area that you're resurfacing plays a part in your colour choice.

For example, if you're resurfacing an area around a pool at the back of your home, then you may want to use a strong colour. Green concrete may blend better with the grass in your garden; blue blends in with your pool.

However, coating a large driveway at the front of your house in a strong colour may be overkill. Here, you may want to choose a colour that complements the colour of your home so that the driveway doesn't stand out too much.

If you aren't sure which colour to choose on your stencilled concrete, ask your concrete contractor for advice. They can show you colour options and discuss how they might work for you.