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Do You Need to Strengthen a New Concrete Driveway?

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If you want to improve the aesthetic appeal of your detached home, you may need to spend some time and resources to landscape the garden. You may also want to convert a dirt driveway into something more appropriate and might be thinking about concrete as an option. Will this be easy to lay, or do you need to strengthen the product for any reason?

Intended Use

Much will depend on the dimensions of the proposed driveway and its intended use. If it will be quite wide and have a bigger footprint than a conventional driveway, you may need to take additional steps to avoid cracking. If you intend to park heavier vehicles on the driveway, especially for longer periods, you may also need reinforcement beneath.

Considering Your Options

You have a couple of different options if you want to strengthen a concrete driveway. Firstly, you can pour additional concrete to make it slightly thicker or secondly, you can introduce steel or wire reinforcement.

Galvanised Wire Mesh

One solution is to add heavy gauge welded wire mesh. This product comes in galvanised panels and will sit in the middle of the concrete when it is poured. You may need to use some plastic support methods, otherwise known in the industry as "chairs." They will provide stability and support for the framework and will remain in place until the cement hardens. Sometimes, these chairs are made from stainless steel as they are non-corrosive and will not cause any problem down the road.

Reinforcing Bar

If you want even more stability or if you are thinking about pouring a thicker slab, then you may have to consider installing a reinforcing bar. This rebar is found wherever concrete is used under pressure and more often in building construction. It will certainly help you avoid any cracking in the future, or if small cracks start to appear, it will contain most of the damage. Again, you will need to use stainless steel or plastic chairs to hold up a grid of rebar and make sure that it is in the centre of the installation. It is very important to place the bars in a perpendicular pattern and keep everything away from the edge of the slab.

Outsourcing the Job

The more complex the task, the more you should approach a professional for help. They will be able to lay the slab smoothly and make sure that the strengthening mesh or bars are in place. For more tips about concrete driveways, contact a local service.