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Three Indispensable Precautions for Durable Asphalt Repairs

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If your asphalt pavement is damaged, you should engage a contractor for immediate repairs. Asphalt surfaces are durable with proper care and maintenance. However, cracks will appear over time in the structure due to the stress of constant usage. It is important to patch these cracks because they will keep expanding if ignored. Consequently, the cost of repairs will increase, and the damaged section could cause an accident. A professional asphalt contractor will inspect your structure and conduct restorative work for ideal performance. If you are interested in handling the smaller cracks around your property, use these simple tools to ensure a good outcome.

Remove Weeds

You should assess the condition of the cracked area on your asphalt surface. If the fissure is new, you will not need to conduct a lot of prep work before patching it up. However, older cracks might have weeds growing out of them. You must remove these weeds before carrying out the repairs. Weeds are often quite stubborn and will grow in the most hostile conditions. If you proceed with patching with the plants in place, they could compromise the durability of the surface. Therefore, uproot all the weeds in the cracks. If there are too many, consider using a weed killer.

Clean the Crack

Cracks in asphalt paving often fill up with dirt and dust over time. These materials will make it difficult for the patching product to adhere to the old surfaces and fill the crack. Therefore, clean the damaged section of the paving with care before continuing. The best approach will depend on the nature of the damage. If you are dealing with a few small cracks, you can scrub the areas with a wire brush before washing the surfaces with a hose. If the damage is widespread, acquire a power washer to blast the fissures. You will also need to purchase detergents or a degreasing product to eliminate oil stains on your asphalt structure.

Allow Proper Curing

Patching up a crack is not complicated with proper preparation. You will only need to pack the damaged section with a commercial crack filler. If you are dealing with a larger crack, you can use cold or hot asphalt patches. However, keep in mind that the repair could fail if you do not allow enough time for curing. If the section experiences stress, the cracks will recur. Therefore, protect the area by isolating it using tape or another type of barrier. Once the repaired area cures, apply a sealant to minimise moisture penetration. 

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