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Formatubes Enable Efficient Concrete Pumping

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Industrial and manufacturing companies can improve the efficiency of their construction projects through the use of formatubes. A formatube is a type of tube made of cardboard, which is used by builders to pour concrete columns. Formatubes can also be used underground to prevent the collapsing of soil when digging.

Formatubes come in many different diameters. Because concrete column formation needs to be done in a safe, efficient and timely manner, the use of formatubes has increased significantly over recent years.

Benefits of using Formatubes

Convenience and efficiency

Formatubes were developed out of a need for quicker and more efficient formation of concrete columns. They are a result of thorough research efforts that were aimed at making construction projects proceed more smoothly. Formatubes are now used in a wide range of construction projects and site conditions.

The convenience of formatubes arise from their lightweight and reusable design, where they can be modified to fit a variety of dimensions for concrete column formation.

Higher safety standards

Formatubes have contributed towards a safer construction environment. Not only do they provide a safer mechanism for column formation, but they are also sturdy/stable in their design. In areas where concrete needs to be poured beneath ground level, they can be used to properly house the column and to prevent soil collapsing when digging.

Formatubes are also environmentally friendly due to the cardboard material used in their structure.

A cost-effective option

Previous methods of concrete column formation required the use of expensive on-site equipment such as cranes and steel or wooden beams. Such equipment is expensive and difficult to operate, requiring high amounts of capital and additional expenses for skilled labour.

Formatubes are a versatile and easy-to-use option for construction projects.  They require minimum heavy-duty equipment to use and cost less to purchase.

Water Resistance with Formatubes

Always worried about rainwater seeping into your concrete columns? Formatubes are the perfect fix for this problem. They are infused with a plastic coating that is water resistant. This prevents water form seeping into the curing process of the columns, and the end result is stronger, sturdier concrete columns.

In addition, the plastic lining that is present on the inside surface of formatubes (referred to as plastitube) eliminates the spiral marks that are formed on the surface of wet columns when the concrete is being released.

Before you embark on concrete pumping, ensure you have quality formatubes to hold the concrete in place. Their versatility, water resistance and cost effectiveness are among the main reason why contractors recommend them in all types of concrete construction projects.