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Small Concrete Cracks are not as Harmless as You Think

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Believe it or not, your home's appearance creates an unimaginable impression about you. It is high time you take care of all the concrete patches and cracks, especially if you are fond of welcoming close friends and acquaintances for coffee and happy moments. The smallest concrete crack may not appear absurd to you, but its conspicuousness may not escape your visitors' eyes.

Besides, concrete patches, when left for a long time unattended, they gradually widen and could become hazardous. The costs of concrete repairs increase as well. How about sparing one of your busy hot afternoons and go round your house looking for cracks and crumbles? You might be surprised to find cracks in the least expected areas like driveways, corridors, walks, slabs or corners.

When is the right time to seal concrete patches?

The moment you notice some cracks in any part of your home, don't just shrug off the idea of repairing them. Concrete repairs help to stop or reduce rates of expansion and contraction within the slabs. A little leveling or touch-up will go a long way in preventing further damage to the structures.

Other tell-tale signals that your structures need concrete repairs include:

  • Does the concrete appear uneven?

You can visibly notice uneven concrete surfaces if you're keen enough. Alternatively, pour some water on the floor and monitor its flow. Check if it pools in areas that it didn't previously. This clearly indicates that the floor has lost its original smoothness, a fault caused by poor foundation work by your contractors or natural weather fluctuations.

You may also consider watching the patios and driveways during rains. If the rainwater collects at certain areas, the waterproof coat that's applied upon installation could have worn out with time. A professional concrete repair service provider would recommend the platform to be waterproofed or investigate if it needs further attention.

  • A dowdy appearance due to age

Even concrete structures change in appearance after some years. Structures that have lasted for 15 years or longer may be christened with dark colouring, rusty streaks and ugly patches. After all, every structure is bound to age. There is nothing to be ashamed about. Good news, a complete external concrete façade is possible, if not inevitable. Don't hesitate to ask for a complete makeover and regain your home's new look.

Indeed, the small concrete cracks and patches in and around your house are not as harmless as they seem. If nothing is done when it's still early, you may risk losing the whole house in a decade or so.