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Would Micro Concrete be a Suitable Concreting Solution?

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The latest advancement in the concrete industry is the formulation of micro concrete. This product is a cement-based substance that can be applied to a host of surfaces include both timber and tile. Micro concrete was developed to provide individuals with the similar appearance of regular concrete, without having to contend with the challenges that regular concrete presents for amateur users. If you are looking to concrete areas in your home such as the kitchen, the bathroom or even your walls, you may want to consider micro concrete for your needs. So why does micro concrete make a suitable concreting solution?

Micro concrete is prepackaged as a ready to use mix

One of the primary advantages of micro concrete is its availability as a singular component that is ready to use. With conventional concrete, you would have to know the specific ratios to use when mixing the concrete or you could end up ruining the entire batch. Thus, most people would rather opt to hire professional contractors who have the right expertise to embark on concrete mixing, rather than run the risk of wastage.

With micro concrete, all you need to do is take it out of the package and begin laying it where you would want it. The lack of mixing also eliminates the need for specialised tools, so you would not have to invest in tools that you would probably use once and end up leaving in storage for the rest of their lifespan. Moreover, since it does not need specialised equipment, micro concrete is ideal when working in tight spaces that may not have been capable of accommodating large machinery.

Micro concrete helps in water conservation

Most parts of Australia have been hard hit by drought. Therefore, it is not surprising that a significant number of people will be looking for alternative solutions for their construction needs that would aid in water conservation. Micro concrete is one such solution. Since the product is already premixed, you would not have to worry about using copious amounts of water to achieve the right consistency.

In addition to this, micro concrete can adhere to a wide assortment of surfaces. This ease of adhesion makes it a popular product for a myriad of construction applications ranging from flooring to cladding. Lastly, the premixed nature of micro concrete also negates the need for concrete pumping, which helps in reducing the costs associated with the heavy equipment required for this process.