How to Care for Your Concrete

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The Types of Kerbings Used in Commercial Road Construction

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A kerb is an edge which is used to define limits of access. They are mostly used on roads and highways to show the carriageway boundaries by creating a barrier between pedestrians and vehicles. There are various kerbings used in commercial road construction. Here are some of the major types you may find interesting. Extruded Kerbs – The extruded types of kerbs are usually found on straight roads such as dual carriageways, motorways as well as highways. Read More»

Would Micro Concrete be a Suitable Concreting Solution?

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The latest advancement in the concrete industry is the formulation of micro concrete. This product is a cement-based substance that can be applied to a host of surfaces include both timber and tile. Micro concrete was developed to provide individuals with the similar appearance of regular concrete, without having to contend with the challenges that regular concrete presents for amateur users. If you are looking to concrete areas in your home such as the kitchen, the bathroom or even your walls, you may want to consider micro concrete for your needs. Read More»

2 Easy Ways To make Your New Concrete Driveway More Attractive

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Concrete is an enduringly popular choice as a material for driveways. Concrete is strong, durable, versatile and relatively inexpensive in comparison to many other materials. Unfortunately, bare concrete isn’t the most attractive choice for a driveway material which may be putting you off the idea for your new driveway. These days, there are a number of different ways that you can make concrete more attractive. This means you won’t need to compromise on either aesthetics or functionality when planning your new driveway. Read More»

Do You Need to Hire a Certified Concrete Pump Operator for Your Project?

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Concrete pumps are usually huge containers full of concrete mix rotating on top of an even bigger truck. While anybody can be trained to be a driver; being a great concrete pump operator takes unique skills and expertise because it is a complicated and demanding job. Concrete pump manufacturers want their workers to make their equipment to look good, so they take the responsibility of training them and even getting certifications. Read More»

Tips from the Pros: Six Cool Way to Reinvent Humble Concrete in Your Home

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With limitless design potential, humble concrete is now ascending from just being a cheap building material to a novel inspiration for cool home features. Climbing the ladder with unexpected components, concrete contractors are now coming up with new ways to use concrete in houseware, fittings, fixtures and furniture. Here’s how you can use concrete to bring an industrial flair to your home that will not disappoint. A concrete fireplace hearth Read More»

Homeowner Options for Concrete Erosion Control

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Most homeowners have some form of outdoor concrete as part of their landscape. You may have a driveway, walkway, or even a patio that is made of concrete. Regardless of the way in which you use concrete outdoors, you will likely be concerned with erosion control either on the sides of the concrete area or on the overlay. Here are some options that you may want to consider: Foam Jacking Options Read More»