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Is Your Kerbing in the Best Condition?

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Kerbing is an essential part of almost every road. Kerbs clearly marked the road edge and prevent accidents when traffic strays from the road. Kerbs can be made from a range of materials. Concrete kerbing is the most popular choice, with kerb and channel work along the edge of the road providing not only clear edge delineation but also proper drainage. When correctly fitted, the kerb and channel will keep the road surface clear of rainwater in all weathers.

Creating and repairing your kerbing

If you are laying new kerbing, your best option could be to buy from a company that uses a kerb and channel machine to produce a precast concrete kerb. Precast kerbs can be placed along the road edge and installed rapidly, allowing the road to open safely and on schedule. If your requirements are more specialist, you could approach a company offering handcrafted kerbing to find the colour and design of kerbing that you need.

If you have an existing road where the kerbing has become damaged — either through wear and tear or perhaps an accident — you could remove the section of kerb and replace it. If the damage to the kerbing is too minor to warrant replacement, you could consider patching the damage instead. Kerb and patch repair kits are a way to fix minor damage that could become a trip hazard or damage that may cause further kerb deterioration. Most patch kits provide a high strength repair that allows the road to reopen in only a few hours. Don't forget that you will also need to fix any damage to the adjoining road surface at the same time so that the entire road is ready for reopening.

Maintaining your kerbs

When your kerbing is new or newly replaced, the maintenance requirements should be minimal. Concrete kerbs are strong and durable, and it will require a significant impact to damage them. The primary maintenance task for the kerb and channel is to keep the channel clear of debris that could create a blockage and prevent the water from flowing safely away from the road. Remembering to sweep the road before the dirt and debris builds up is the most effective way of ensuring that driving conditions remain safe for everyone.

To find out more about available types of kerbing which could be used on your road, talk to your local supplier today. They will be happy to answer all of your questions and explain how their products could benefit your road project.