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How to Prepare Your Site and Staff for Concrete Drilling Work

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If you're trying to transform an older, derelict building into a new and more serviceable facility, then you may have had to bring in a team of contractors to help you with your work. You may have had to demolish certain parts of the current structure but intend to keep much of the frame in place, and you may have to introduce electrical conduits and other facilities to bring the property up to date. In this case, you may have to modify some of the concrete walls or floors and will need to bring in a specialist concrete contractor. What do you need to know about this type of process, however, and how it will affect the other work that may be going on?

Precision Work 

In this case, you will be able to take advantage of core drilling techniques that are very precise and can help you to modify the existing laser of concrete without wholesale destruction. Concrete, as you know, is a very tough material and would not respond well if you were to try to use brute force to penetrate the surface. This is why core drilling tools were invented, as they are able to make very precise and clean holes to a given depth instead.

Deal With the Disruption

This type of work is very specialised, and the equipment may be difficult to handle. You can also expect a degree of disruption while the work is going on, and you will need to prepare the site and all of the other workers accordingly.

Personal Protection

If you have any other work going on at the same time that may be reasonably close to the core drilling site, then you should make sure that you provide personal protective equipment for everyone involved. Certainly, the people who are carrying out the drilling work itself will be suitably prepared, but you need to ensure that everybody else is as well. Small pieces of concrete can break away when the drill is activated, and they can fly at very high speed. You will, therefore, need to ensure that all people nearby have eye goggles and protective clothing, just in case. This work is particularly noisy too, and you will need to provide everybody with ear defenders that are recommended for this type of environment.

Site Analysis

Remember, you will need to know what you're working with and may need to conduct a site analysis to find out if there are any obstacles beneath the surface in question. Work closely with your concrete drilling contractors, as they will have a process to follow and will be able to advise you accordingly.