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2 Ways To Reuse An Old Concrete Slab In Your Garden

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If you've decided to tear down your old and ramshackle garden shed, then you may think the dilapidated concrete slab that it's sitting on will be the next thing to go. Digging up concrete can be an arduous and time-consuming task and then you'll need to dispose of the old concrete, which is even more hard work to complete.

Instead of removing the old concrete slab, you can use it to create a new feature in your garden. Even the most cracked and damaged concrete can be repaired by a concrete contractor, leaving it in great condition to use. Here are two lovely ideas for your repaired concrete slab that you might like to consider.

1. A fire-pit area

Fire-pits are an increasingly popular feature in Australian gardens. They're a wonderful way to enjoy evenings in the garden even when the weather is cold. A restored concrete slab makes an ideal setting for a fire-pit, being fire-resistant and having a solid surface that won't leave you sitting in a patch of bare dirt.

If you're planning a fire-pit, then you can ask your concrete contractor to cut a hole in the centre of your slab to house the fire. This will help to keep the fire, firewood and ashes contained and gives the slab a focal point that is attractive as well as functional.

2. A pergola

Another great idea for reusing your repaired concrete slab is to build a pergola. This is a simple timber structure that uses four corner posts to connect decorative, overhead beams from one side of the slab to the other. You can also add lattice panels for extra privacy. Pergolas are great for growing creeping plants on, providing shade and creating a classic and eye-catching focal point.

If you'd like to make your pergola even more impressive, you can ask your concrete contractor to add a decorative finish to the top surface of the concrete slab. You can recreate the look of natural stone, such as sandstone, granite and marble, to give your pergola a refined and timeless look. This will also help to protect and preserve your newly repaired concrete.

Before you rip out your old concrete slab, get in touch with your local concrete contractor to discuss having it repaired. They can also help you with any questions you may have regarding reusing the slab to create a fire-pit or pergola that will help to enhance and beautify your garden.