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Do You Need to Hire a Certified Concrete Pump Operator for Your Project?

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Concrete pumps are usually huge containers full of concrete mix rotating on top of an even bigger truck. While anybody can be trained to be a driver; being a great concrete pump operator takes unique skills and expertise because it is a complicated and demanding job. Concrete pump manufacturers want their workers to make their equipment to look good, so they take the responsibility of training them and even getting certifications. If you decide to buy your own concrete pump, here are some of the reasons you should hire a certified concrete pump operator instead of going for untrained workers:

Operation Safety

Did you know that hundreds of thousands of dollars would be lost if an accident occurs at a construction site especially if there will be a lawsuit? For this reason and saving people lives, concrete pump manufacturers train their operators on safety and efficiency when operating the truck and the pumps. Any good driver out there without this training will be a risk to the people working there and the project as well.

Concrete Knowledge

While any driver would probably know how to maneuver the truck in the construction site, a certified concrete pump operator comes with enough concrete mix experience as well. He can tell you what kind of mix will pump quickly, how to make the mix harder or softer, how to add water or control the temperature of the mix and so much more so that the pump will not overwork. Even when the contractor is not on site, the operator can guide the men to mix the concrete properly.

Electrical and Hydraulic Experience

Any training and certification of concrete pump operators include basic hydraulics, electronics, schematic reading, and engines. If anything goes wrong with the pump or the truck, the operator knows exactly what to do to fix it and get the job going instead of halting or delaying operations at the site.

Set Up Skills

A trained and certified operator will know exactly where to park the truck and set up the pump and the boom or hose pipes. He has enough skills and experience to tell where to start the pour, and where to finish as well as how to correct problems as they arise. As a trained commercial driver, the operator will also know how to navigate through the construction site without causing any damage.

Unlike ordinary truck drivers, certified concrete pump contractors knows how to maintain the pump and the vehicle during and after the job. Hire a qualified one for your upcoming concrete project and avoid common safety and project issues that result from dealing with inexperienced operators. For more information, contact a business such as Hunter Concrete Pump Hire.