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Tips from the Pros: Six Cool Way to Reinvent Humble Concrete in Your Home

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With limitless design potential, humble concrete is now ascending from just being a cheap building material to a novel inspiration for cool home features. Climbing the ladder with unexpected components, concrete contractors are now coming up with new ways to use concrete in houseware, fittings, fixtures and furniture.

Here's how you can use concrete to bring an industrial flair to your home that will not disappoint.

A concrete fireplace hearth

A fireplace is a worthwhile investment especially when it comes to improving the quality of life in your home during the long cold nights. That being said, there is no end to what your contractor can achieve using the strong, low maintenance concrete.

In a fireplace, concrete can be stamped to mimic stone or brick or left as a solid piece which you can stain with a dramatic colour. Concrete makes a great fireplace material due to its heat retaining capability which means your family room will stay warm long after the fire had died out.

Kitchen countertops

The durable nature of concrete makes for hard wearing countertops and work surfaces. Concrete countertops have a sleek, industrial look that stands out from other countertops. Installation of a concrete countertop should be handled by expert concrete contractors to guarantee that it is not prone to cracking in the future.

Sink fixtures

Solid concrete sinks tap into the current trend of including unconventional uses of concrete in modern homes.  Concrete sinks are low maintenance, low wearing and blend in with just about every home décor.

Bathroom tub

If you're looking to achieve a unique bathtub that makes a sculptural statement, you should consider a concrete bathtub. Make sure you consult your concrete contractor to help you mould a bathtub into the shape of your choice.

A concrete bathtub evokes a minimalist feel that is very serene and inviting. You can pair your concrete bathtub with a wooden floor to add more interest and warmth to your bathroom.

Concrete outdoor seating area   

Aren't you tired if covering your outdoor furniture to protect it from extreme elements? With concrete lounge chairs, you don't have to worry about what mother nature throws at them. They will definitely stand the test of time. All you have to do is throw in a cushion for maximum comfort.

Outdoor fire pit

A concrete fire pit is a great addition to your outdoor concrete seating area. If you prefer a permanent fixture, you can have a concrete contractor install it to make sure it's safe to light it up. If you don't have room for a fire pit, a concrete fire bowl will do just fine